My first poem in English :)

One Life

When you are new born in this world
You have no problems, no difficulties.
You laugh, you cry, you're spoiled,
You have no great responsabilities.

But when you grow up and think:
Either throw your life away or make it unique!
You choose the way you want it to be:
Peaceful or painful, full of sorrows or free!

Enjoy your life as long as you can
Cause it can be taken anytime from you!
Love truly, that's why you're human!
Feel all the feelings, they are all true!

When you grow old you're scared by death.
Don't be! Don't think it's your last breath!
Think of your children and what they should learn,
Be grateful you've been given this ONE LIFE!

I hope you like it although it's not professionally writen!


  1. It's a beautiful poem. Love it.

  2. ANGI!

    WOW. I can't believe I hadn't seen your blog before. It is amazing! Everything I wan to see in a blog is here :) I love your recipes, they are so exciting and I'm pretty sure not too long to create. My favourite picture is the green juice, orangeade :)


  3. Thank you so much Amy! You can't imagine how much your words influence me!