In my un-cooking I use (moderately I might say) palm oil and organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed sesame, soy, sunflower and flax seed oil. There are some more cold pressed oils I found but didn't buy (pumpkin seed, corn and hemp oil). For frying (for my hubby and guests) I use non-raw sunflower oil because raw oils are not good at high temperatures (that's why I keep them in the fridge, except for the coconut and palm oils, which I keep in my pantry). Unfortunately I cannot find organic raw cacao butter anywhere in my hometown... :(


  1. I eat a high raw diet myself too. My husband is slowly coming around. This is a great blog you have going on here.

    I love greensmoothies too :0)

    All the best,

  2. Yes, I could buy online but not in my country!!! Can you imagine how much the transportation costs from U.S. to Romania? :(
    But I haven't lost hope and I haven't given up yet!
    Raw Love!

  3. Thank you Marnie! I love your blog!